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Whittlesey- The Big Bash 2023 – Photo Gallery

A wonderful opportunity to capture the Whittlesey Big Bash 2023, supporting Fen Hands, an amazing children's and adults charity.
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I know I say it all the time, but genuinely my heart is just singing right now, today I got to visit Whittlesey for The Big Bash event. I was there to support Fen Hands an amazing children and adults charity, and once again blown away by the amazing work being done by a beautiful charity.

I also got to meet Pets As Therapy UK, you all know my love of animals so I was in heaven. And of course, my favorite doggo friend was there, Nola, (Julie Marsh from Be You Consultancy’s therapy dog)  I mean look at her face (Black Frenchie lol).

With my photography it’s about knowing your audience, you can’t use flash for obvious reasons, so the photos will always have a little grain, but that’s what makes the story so powerful, it’s not about poses, it’s about emotion.

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