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In a world, increasingly conscious of expense, micro and elopement wedding photography services are an ideal solution for those still looking for a professional photography package, but on a small scale. These services cater to small, intimate weddings and elopements by focusing on capturing the depth of emotions rather than the scale of the event. By offering Micro and Elopement Wedding Photography, I bring my professional, creative expertise to these unique celebrations, ensuring that your most cherished moments are beautifully encapsulated.

A significant issue many couples face is the overwhelming cost and planning stress associated with large weddings. Opting for a smaller, more intimate event can significantly alleviate these concerns. However, this doesn’t mean compromising on having memorable keepsakes. My photography services are perfect for this kind of event, focusing on a more documentary-style session, capturing the story, focusing on the wedding memory, the guests arriving, the laughter and smiles, as well as the tears but still solving this problem of keeping costs down by delivering high-quality, emotive imagery that resonates with the personal, intimate nature of your wedding day.

As your photographer, I can help make your wedding day less stressful and more enjoyable. I can guide you in posing naturally, capturing candid moments, and choosing the best spots for your photos. I am a storytelling photographer, I love those raw moments, the unscripted kiss, the hug with a friend who is watching with joy, and with my creative vision and technical skill, I can create a stunning visual narrative of your special day, which you’ll be proud to share and cherish for years to come.

What Are The Benefits Of Storytelling a Micro And Elopement Wedding Service

Storytelling wedding photography service brings a unique perspective to capture the memorable moments of your wedding day. Here are some of its benefits:

Micro And Elopement Wedding Photography
Nate is a lovely young man, with a very gifted talent. We met Nate at a business event just one week prior to our wedding. We were looking for professional photographer to capture the most important element of the wedding - the service. Nate was marvellous on the day and did exactly as we had requested and captured all those extra special moments with myself and my husband and our friends and family. Nate took time prior to our big day to get to know us and wanted to meet at the venue which we thought was a great idea and put our mind at rest prior to the day. When we received the images from Nate, we were so overwhelmed with emotion in what he had captured and can't thank him enough for all the love, care and attention he put into making our wedding photos so special and memorable. We even received a little gift after the day - a beautiful wooden memory box with Nate's favourite photos from the day as a lovely surprise! As well as being extremely personable, he is wonderful at what he does and I would not hesitate in recommending his wedding or corporate photography services to anyone looking for a photographer with a difference. He has something very special. Thanks so much again. Deb & Tom x
Micro And Elopement Wedding Photography​
Debbie and Tom
Micro And Elopement Wedding Photography
Micro And Elopement Wedding Photography

How My Story Telling Wedding Photography Service Can Help You

My storytelling wedding photography service is designed to not just capture beautiful images, but to weave a narrative of your special day, offering a rich, emotive retelling of your wedding story. Here’s how my service can benefit you:

With my storytelling wedding photography service, you can be confident that your wedding day will be remembered in a way that truly reflects the love, joy, and unique story of your journey together.

Whats My Investment?

I have priced my wedding photography package competitively, aiming to enable you to have the best and most beautiful memories of your day. My price also includes a pre-visit to the location (please see the disclaimer below regarding this), As I feel the best day comes from good preparation.

If you would like more hours or have something unique or specific, please get in touch and I can discuss your requirements with you. I can also travel but this needs to be discussed in depth beforehand.

My package includes as standard.

Disclaimer – I want you to have the best experience on your wedding day, It’s important you feel comfortable and happy with me as your photographer, so where possible, I would love to meet you the couple at your venue, a week or two before your event, we can discuss your requirements, learn the layout, work out your action plan and discuss how best to tell your story. However, if the location is too far out, this will not be possible, so we may have to use video telecommunication. We can discuss this on our 30-minute introduction call.  

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Additional Extras

Your wedding day is a memorable experience, but its also one that is rather limited on time, there is a lot to work through, and lots of pieces of the puzzle to place, so why not consider some additional extras, there is no limit really to what you can opt for but I have jotted some ideas below for you to consider.