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The Peterborough Biscuit Business Event 2023 – Photo Gallery

I captured photos at the Peterborough Biscuit Event 2023 at the Peterborough Showground. Here are the business photographs from the event.
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Well it’s been a few days since the incredible Peterborough Biscuit Business Event, and what an incredible event it was, As a business photographer, these kinds of events are both a thrill to capture, a challenge to get right, and frightening, there is such a huge responsibility to capture in a short time as many of the entrepreneurs who have traveled from all over to showcase their unique brands and products, but added to this difficulty was this year, A Smile A Day Photography was also exhibiting.

Now as an official photographer for the Peterborough Biscuit, my goal was to photograph at least 80% of the stands. I knew from the start that getting a photo of each stand was not possible. Some people were a little late setting up, and some stands were unpopulated, but overall I was so pleased to easily hit that mark, and have the wonderful opportunity to share some of the photographs of this incredible show..

I am also truly blessed to have so many wonderful businesses supporting me and a special shoutout goes to Two Shoes Creative, Be You Consultancy and Coaching And James O’Rawe from Peterborough Workspace

And a final shout out to Edward from Peterborough Biscuit for trusting me to capture the event.

All in all, the Peterborough Biscuit Event 2023 was a fantastic experience, and I’m grateful to have been a part of it. Through my camera lens, I was able to capture the spirit of entrepreneurship and the joy of sharing incredible brands and partnerships with others. And that, my friends, is what business storytelling is all about “A Smile A Day Can Change The World”

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