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Stamford Business Showcase Networking – Photo Gallery

A Morning at Stamford Endowed School capturing photos of the Stamford Business Showcase Event
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The Business Showcase Networking – Stamford | October 2023 held at Stamford Endowed School in October 2023 was a vibrant and eagerly awaited gathering that brought together local businesses and entrepreneurs.

Showcase Networking is a unique concept, a cross between networking & exhibiting., this concept then allows businesses to not only exhibit their business but also gives them the opportunity to walk around, meet other businesses, network, and build meaningful connections. 

One of the biggest highlights was business students having the opportunity to come and meet the businesses, and learn about how they set up, the highs, lows, and opportunities they could potentially have in their growing careers. 

Although not officially booked for photography, Hanna the founder of Globella graciously allowed me to exhibit but also capture some wonderful photos of the event, this kind of work not only allows me to exhibit but also to demonstrate my skills. 

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