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Peterborough Rape Crisis Care Group – Reclaim The Night – Photo Gallery

Peterborough Rape Crisis Care Group unites for Reclaim the Night. This gallery celebrates survivor strength and the fight for safe streets. Let your light shine for change.
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Peterborough Rape Crisis Care Group rises in unison tonight for Reclaim the Night. This powerful movement shines a light on the ongoing issue of violence against women. Through this gallery, we celebrate the strength and resilience of survivors, and the unwavering spirit of our community.

More Than Images: A Call for Change

These photographs are more than just visuals; they are a testament to the courage it takes to walk through the night, and a reminder of the work left to be done.

Reclaim the Night is a global response to the pressing problems of sexual harassment and violence against women. The aim is to increase awareness about the prevalence of sexual assault and advocate for the safety of women and marginalized communities in public spaces, especially during the night-time. 


A Testimonial From PRCCG

Dear Nate,

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to you for supporting Peterborough Rape Crisis with our Reclaim The Night event in Peterborough City Centre by creating a visual record of the emotion, passion and power that was present that evening.

Every year we strive to raise awareness of gender-based violence and reclaim public spaces so that women and girls are free to walk the streets without fear. The event also provides an opportunity for us to come together in solidarity, challenge societal myths and stereotypes, and be a beacon of hope for all victims and survivors.

When we first met I immediately felt at ease because you weren’t afraid to ask questions. You wanted to know the meaning behind the Reclaim The Night movement, what was important to us as a charity, and what we wanted to achieve. However most importantly, you recognised that those that come and support this publicevent could themselves be victims and survivors of sexual violence.

Together we explored the complexities of nighttime photography in a public space and how best to create a true visual representation of the event without being intrusive, by recognising potential triggers and respecting privacy. In the weeks and days leading up to the event you were consistent in your approach by clarifying plans,
responding to queries quickly, providing creative solutions and encouraging us to be brave.

On the evening of the event we needed to make some last minute changes due to our original location being changed and the presence of rides and attractions that we were not previously made aware of.

Although this presented some challenges you were able to take control in a calm and professional manner and provide solutions promptly.

As the evening progressed I noticed how you engaged with the public in a truly professional and respectful manner. Although you were very much present, you had the ability to ‘blend in’ and it was at this moment I really knew that we were all in safe hands.

The album of photographs you provided has given us the ability to capture moments that could not be put into words. The images clearly convey the emotion and meaning of the event, they tell a story that can be preserved for generations to come.

So thank you Nate for enabling us to tell this powerful story and convincing us to be brave. I have no hesitation in recommending you and would actively encourage others to discuss their ideas with you, no matter how complex, sensitive or impossible they may seem. I am confident that you will always exceed expectations.

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