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Inara Systems – Photo Gallery

I got to capture the grand opening of Inara Systems creative space, check out the photos from the event
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Capturing a business story is about first making a meaningful connection with the owner, the best photos are the ones that are not structured but that only come from building a partnership and gaining their trust. It’s something I pride myself in and how I’m able to grab those amazing moments. 

I had this opportunity to work for Inara Systems in Grantham, I met the owner John at a networking event, “In the Hive” where we discussed the opening of his brand new creative space, John and I clicked, once I understood the photography needs that he wanted, I knew we could capture some amazing photographs. 

In the gallery below you see the photos from the opening of the event, but that’s not all, I pride myself on being able to help businesses show their awesome to their clients, so also included in his photoshoot day were photos of the entire business, as well as staff members, we even had a little bit of fun at the end when I asked them for power poses. 

Inara Systems LTD

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