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I am A Peterborough New Small Business 2023 Finalist

A momentous occasion for A Smile A Day Photography, Finalist for Peterborough New Small Business of 2023.
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A Smile A Day Photography: Finalist for Peterborough New Small Business of 2023My goal with my business  was to create something truly unique, something that takes my passion of helping others, working with like minded individuals and celebrating those who love challenges. Like all emerging businesses in various industries. In Peterborough, there’s no shortage of up-and-coming entrepreneurs who like me are willing to take the risk and put their passions into action. 

My goal is to build a reputation for capturing the most heartfelt moments in the lives of my clients. Specializing in story driven and branding photography. I have made it my mission to create images that evoke joy and evoke emotion, all while making her clients feel comfortable and confident.

And that hard work has paid off, as A Smile A Day Photography has been named as a finalist for the Peterborough New Small Business Award of 2023. This recognition is a testament to the hard work and dedication being put into building my business from the ground up.

I am constantly developing a unique style of photography to offering exceptional customer service, and I am proud that A Smile A Day Photography has brought so much joy to my clients, and is being recognised for it. 

I am genuinely humbled by the love and support, there are no words to thank those who continue to support me, help me grow, push me to never give up and always strive for the best. Lets see what other awards 2023 brings. 

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