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I Am a “Finalist” For The Dyslexia Awards 2023 Artist Of The Year

Amazing announcement I Am a "Finalist" For The Dyslexia Awards 2023 Artist Of The Year
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A Smile A Day Photography - Dyslexia Awards 2023 Finalist - Artist Of The Year - Nate Lansdell

It is official I found out this morning that I am a “finalist” for the dyslexia awards 2023 Artist of the Year.

I am genuinely shocked and over the moon, those who know me, know how learning difficulties have been a part of my life, but I refuse to ever let them win, I just shape them. I wear them as a badge of honor.

Being a finalist for me means so much more than an award, it shows others with learning difficulties that you can achieve anything you want, the path is never easy, you will fall down more times than you can imagine, and you will have horrendous dark days, but you are amazing and you can do anything you want.

I want to thank everyone who supports me, has voted for me, and supported me, there are too many to name but you know who you are,

Think it’s time to celebrate now.

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