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A Smile A Day Photography - Business, Event and Wedding Storytelling Photography Services

What services do you offer as a photographer?

I specialize in a diverse range of photography services designed to meet your visual needs:

How Are Your Prices Set, and How Many Photos Will I Receive

I offer two clear pricing structures to fit your photography needs:

  • Event, Commercial & Branding: This option is ideal for capturing the energy of your event or showcasing your brand. My minimum booking is 2 hours on-site, and you’ll receive all final images with full commercial licensing. On average, a two-hour session yields 80+ high-quality photos, perfect for capturing all the essential moments.

  • Headshots: This service provides a focused session for headshots, ideal for professional profiles and marketing materials. Each person receives a 15-minute slot and chooses their favorite image for final delivery. Additional headshots are available for purchase if needed.

How do I book your photography services?

Booking is easy! Simply contact me through the “Contact” page on my website, send me an email at hello@asmileaday.photography, or call or Whats App me on 07472876265, We can discuss your requirements, check my availability, and proceed with the booking process.

Where Are You Based

While I’m conveniently located in Peterborough, my mobile photography services extend far and wide! I regularly capture stunning visuals in Cambridge, Norfolk, Stamford, Rutland, and Huntingdonshire. Additionally, I’m happy to travel throughout the UK to document your special moments or business needs.

Can I customize a photography package based on my specific needs?

My pricing structure offers flexibility! Choose the number of hours you need for your event, commercial, or branding shoot. Then, simply add the number of staff headshots you require to get a combined price for everything. This ensures you receive a clear quote that reflects your specific project needs.

What is your photography style?

My photography style revolves around documentary storytelling. This unique approach prioritizes capturing moments authentically, weaving them into a compelling narrative. My goal is to become a fly on the wall, allowing events to unfold naturally and documenting genuine emotions and interactions as they happen.

Whether it’s a corporate event, a branding session, or a personal celebration, I focus on capturing the essence of the moment, not staging it. This ensures the resulting images are not only visually striking but also convey the true atmosphere and emotions of the experience.

By embracing documentary storytelling, I create a visual chronicle that resonates with the authenticity of the moments I capture. You’ll receive a collection of photographs that truly tells a story, one that transports you back to the event and evokes the emotions you felt.

How far in advance should I book your services for my event or wedding?

Early booking is highly recommended, especially for larger events and branding shoots, to ensure I can dedicate my full attention to your project. However, I understand that unforeseen circumstances arise. Feel free to inquire about last-minute availability, and I’ll do my best to accommodate your needs.

Can I see samples of your previous work?

Most photography websites struggle with limited storage, restricting the full range of my work. That’s why I built a dedicated portfolio website showcasing the breadth of my experience and capturing the essence of my documentary storytelling style.

Here, you’ll discover a comprehensive selection of projects across various categories: events, branding shoots, and personal celebrations. Exploring this portfolio will give you a strong sense of my visual style and the types of projects I excel in.

What equipment do you use?

The age-old question: is it the equipment or the photographer behind the lens? While top-notch skills are essential, the right tools can definitely elevate your photos.

I choose to shoot with Sony cameras because of their exceptional low-light capabilities. This allows me to capture stunning images in various lighting conditions, often without needing intrusive flash or external lights. This translates to a more natural and authentic feel to your photos, and lets me capture genuine moments without disruption.

How long does it take to receive the final edited photos?

I understand the importance of receiving your photos promptly. While turnaround time can vary depending on the project’s complexity, I typically deliver high-quality edited photos within 2 weeks. For editorial work and PR projects with specific deadlines, I establish a custom timeline during our initial discussions.

Transparency is key: I’ll always communicate an estimated timeframe upfront, ensuring you stay informed throughout the process.

Will You Photoshop My Photos?

My photography style revolves around documentary storytelling, prioritizing authenticity and the magic of real moments. I believe in capturing life as it unfolds, preserving the raw beauty and natural imperfections that make every event unique.

Authenticity Over Artifice:
Sure, I utilize editing to ensure optimal lighting, colour balance, and composition. However, I avoid extensive retouching that creates an artificial or staged look. Instead, I focus on enhancing the natural beauty of your event, its genuine emotions, and the essence of the experience.

A Story Told Through Images:
The result? A collection of photographs that tells a compelling story, true to life and bursting with character. These images capture the true atmosphere and emotions of the occasion, transporting you back to the moment and rekindling the feelings you experienced.

What is your travel costs?

To ensure transparency, travel costs are charged at the current HMRC approved mileage rate. I’m based in PE2 8AN, and the cost will be calculated based on the roundtrip distance from my location.

Extended Projects:
For photoshoots requiring travel over 2 hours to reach the site and exceeding 4 hours in duration, an overnight stay may be necessary. I’ll provide a custom quote during our initial discussions that factors in travel costs and potential overnight stay fees, ensuring you have a clear understanding of all associated expenses.

How Will My Photos Be Delivered To Me?

After the editing magic is complete, you’ll receive a convenient download link via WeTransfer for your final images. These photos will be delivered in two formats:

  • High-resolution JPGs: Perfect for professional printing and capturing every detail.
  • Optimized-resolution JPGs: Ideal for sharing online or on your website, ensuring fast loading times.

This dual format approach provides you with a versatile collection of photos ready to use for any purpose, digital or physical.

Looking for a USB Option?
I can also deliver your photos on a USB stick for an additional fee. A standard 16GB USB is available for £25.00 plus delivery. If you require a larger capacity USB to accommodate a larger collection of photos, I’ll provide a custom quote before placing the order.