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Allia Future Business Centre – Grow Your Business Photo Gallery

A beautiful gallery of photographs taken at Allia Future Business Centre of the Grow Your Business 2023 class.
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As a business grows, finding your way, your path can be pretty daunting, you feel you’re doing well but then something small can trip you up, causing you to question and judge what you do, and that’s where a mentor is a perfect support buddy.

I recently got the opportunity to join a business mentorship program run by Allia Future Business Centre in Peterborough. Here I got to meet two of the most amazing mentors, Iain Crighton MBE FIMI, and Claire Simsek, MA FRSA.

With their incredible support they not only helped me learn about my business, learn what my strengths were, my weaknesses, but they also helped me focus, gave me the confidence I needed to push my business, find different avenues, try a new style of photography, and generally just be more confident in my skills.

It wasn’t just the mentorship that helped it was the classes, the speakers who took the time out to support us and give us valuable knowledge to grow.

In my final class with them, I got the wonderful opportunity to capture some photos of the Alumni, all these wonderful people who got to enjoy the classes we got taught, the friendships made, and the confidence we gained from this amazing group of people.

Thank you again, Allia team.

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