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Hi I am Nate

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Nate Lansdell A Smile A Day Photography

Hello and welcome, thanks for stopping by, I hope you are having a wonderful day, I am Nathan, but my friends call me Nate, I am the founder and photographer at A Smile A Day Photography, and I would like to extend a warm thank you for coming by and visiting my business.

A Smile A Day Photography is a business I grew out of my love to help support others, I love to help people grow, and my biggest thrill is watching others succeed. I honestly believe in the power of uplifting others, we’re all here to find passion and love for doing something that we love, your business grew from a seed that you nurtured and helped bring to life, and I am in a very privileged position to help capture that through the power of art.

When it comes to my photography skills, the thing I brag about is that I love capturing those raw moments. The brutal truth is that having your photo taken can seem daunting, we are all self-conscious in some way or another, but I specialize in capturing raw unscripted photos, moments that you didn’t even realize I was watching or capturing, that truly unique version of you is what makes you business the success it is today, and what makes your clients love you.

A Little More About Me and My Advocacy for Mental Health

"A Smile A Day Can Change the World"

I truly believe that honesty and transparency are paramount when it comes to interacting with my clients. More than that, I am a passionate advocate for mental health rights and strongly support those who face physical or hidden disabilities. People often ask me what drew me to photography and what inspired me to choose my business name.

In response to the first question, photography has become a critical tool for me in managing my own anxiety and depression. There is something incredibly calming and therapeutic about capturing a beautiful moment in time. Despite the challenges posed by my dyslexia, dyspraxia, and dyscalculia, my technical and artistic skills have allowed me to create meaningful stories that resonate deeply with my clients. I take immense pride in helping others succeed and grow, and that is what makes my work so fulfilling.

And to answer the second question, where I got my inspiration for your business name, comes from a motto I made up which I live by every day. A Smile A Day Can Change The World. It simply means to bring light and laughter to those around you on a daily basis and make people smile. You never know if you are going to meet someone who is having the worst day, A simple smile costs nothing but can change a person’s perspective, can lighten the mood, bring a little clarity to their world, and make their spirits lift.

When it comes to photography, I have a front-row seat with businesses who do this daily, So I always say, “A Smile A Day Can Change The World”.

A Smile A Day Photography - Corporate Story Telling Photography In Peterborough, Cambridge Ely and Norfolk
A Smile A Day Photography - Corporate Story Telling Photography In Peterborough, Cambridge Ely and Norfolk
A Smile A Day Photography - Corporate Story Telling Photography In Peterborough, Cambridge Ely and Norfolk
A Smile A Day Photography - Corporate Story Telling Photography In Peterborough, Cambridge Ely and Norfolk

Quick-Fire Facts About Me

My Favourite Animal

I love all animals, and love when a shoot includes a pet, but my favourite animal is the Sloth, have yet to meet one though.

I Have Learning Difficulties

I have dyslexia, dyspraxia, and dyscalculia, you can learn more about by journey here

Quick-Fire Facts About A Smile A Day Photography

I Photograph Using Sony Camera Gear

A photographer is the best tool, not the camera, however for those interested I use a Sony A7iv and use two core lenses for my photography style including a sigma F2.8 24-70mm and an 85mm prime for core headshots.

My Business Birthday Is October 28th 2022

I started A Smile A Day Photography in October 2022, however I have been doing photography for a few years, before turning it into a paid job.

My Charity Work

Every year I want to make a commitment to support those who do amazing things for our community, these unsung heroes rely solely on donations, and support from the members of the public.
As a photographer, I am in a fortunate position to have the one commodity that a charity needs, images to help tell their story.
So my commitment is every year I will support one charity of my choice for the year, they will receive me as their official photographer at no charge (only covering travel costs), They will get the same full committed service I offer my business clients but at no cost to them.

My Chosen Charity Of 2024 Is Magpass

Magpas Air Ambulance brings the very best pre-hospital emergency care, in the air or on land, including treatments usually only available in a hospital.

Magpas Air Ambulance serves the communities of Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and across the East of England and is dispatched by both the East of England and the East Midlands Ambulance Service Trusts—caring for a population of over 10 million.

Our advanced medical team combines the skills of a senior doctor and critical care paramedic on every shift. All members of the team are specially trained in Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine (PHEM), and support the ambulance service by bringing advanced medical care directly to their patients’ side when time is of the essence.

Text Copytight of Magpass